Massive digital ecosystem comparison

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The Verge has published a massive comparison of major online ecosystems. Zune's music service is praised for its flexibility by means of allowing purchases of music on top of a monthly rental. Bear in mind that this is a U.S. focused comparison so things may work differently in your part of the world. It heavily criticises the online video market, citing fragmentation which makes your choice of platform heavily dependent on the providers on offer. Again, this is a U.S. centric point of view. Indeed, here in the UK Zune only sells movies which often cost more than their DVD counterparts.

Zune Desktop

When it came to e-books, Windows Phone's only representation was by the proxy of the omnipresent Amazon Kindle application. The reading landscape on Windows Phone will soon change when Nokia Reading becomes available.

Nokia Reading

iOS received the biggest plaudits for gaming, with The Verge criticising Microsoft's lack of progress in integrating Windows Phone with the Xbox 360. However, as regular readers will know, there are in fact plenty of games available for Windows Phone, just see our app tracking page.

Of mobile operating systems, The Verge had this to say about Windows Phone 7:

Windows Phone is Microsoft's big mobile reboot and modernization project and rivals iOS and the stock Android 4.0 for the smoothest and classiest user experience. Its problem, however, is that it's yet to reach a critical mass of either users or quality apps, which the iOS and Android experience has shown grow in a symbiotic fashion. Stuck having to pull itself up by its bootstraps, Windows Phone must be considered a continuing work in progress and a relative weak point for Microsoft. Like Android, Windows Phone has a web interface for its app Marketplace, which can be used to send apps directly to your phone, track its location, lock it with a password, or even wipe it remotely. Apple has similar options for remote access and app installation via iTunes, but they're not as refined or as easy as the web-based variants offered by Google and Microsoft.

There are some fair points there, but the app count is only to be expected by the late stage at which Microsoft entered the race. However, our own app tracking shows that the rate of application submissions is accelerating.

Source / Credit: The Verge