NextGen Reader (Google Reader) in public beta on Windows 8

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NextGen Reader is a popular Google Reader client, that we reviewed and awarded with an epic 94%. For those of you who have brave enough to venture into the world of Windows 8, then continuity awaits you as NextGen Reader currently has a public beta of its Microsoft Design Language Windows 8 client. This version operates in the tiled environment and so will run on either an x86 Windows 8 PC or a Windows RT device, such as the Microsoft Surface.

NextGen Reader Windows 8

Installing beta applications, i.e. circumventing the Windows Store, is a slightly advanced task as it requires some command line work in Power Shell. However, the developer has provided full and clear instructions at

NextGen Reader Windows 8

There is no direct link between the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions - they will be separate purchases from separate application stores. However, using a familiar name on both the desktop and smartphone provides a sense of continuity, and as this is a Google Reader client, actions taken on one client will be reflected in the other.

The following features are supported by the current beta version,

  • Modern view: Gorgeous layout for best reading experience on your tablet/touch-screen device.
  • Classic view: Beautiful 3-column layout for non-touch/traditional PC’s.
  • Customize reading: Set default open method per feed: summary, webpage or mobilized.
  • Multiple tiles: Pin multiple tiles to start – directly launch modern view.
  • Security: Completely safe Oauth2 Authentication.
  • Mobilizer: Inbuilt Readability support.
  • Shortcuts: Full keyboard support in classic view (press “?” key).
  • Touch: Swipe to move between articles.
  • Incremental Sync: With ability to limit number of items to sync per feed.
  • Share charm: To mail, tweet, post articles on Facebook, etc.
  • Roaming: Login once and run on multiple Windows 8 PC’s.

The following features are promised as 'coming soon',

  • Support for live tiles.
  • Support for snapped view and portrait orientation.
  • And many more exciting features…

Even though this is a beta version and, as shown in the 'coming soon' list, still needs some Windows 8 features, it is already the best Google Reader client on Windows 8.

Find instructions and download links at

NextGen Reader Windows 8

Source / Credit: Next Matters [developer blog]