Podcatcher gets multifarious fixes and UI tweaks

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One of my personal biggest needs in any smartphone is a podcast gathering utility, something to grab latest programmes for listening to when on the move. Yes, you can rig up a Windows PC to do most of the hard work, but that presupposes you've got one and are prepared to hook up every day. Far better to have something standalone on the phone. For Windows Phone, I've now settled on Podcatcher and am happy to report two quick fire updates and that this is now working rather well for me.

Podcatcher in action

Here are the relevant changelogs:

Updated in
- Add indication of play progress to episode listing.
- Fix Bluetooth audio handling.
- Bug fixes.

Updated in
- Overall stability improvements.
- Fix podcast subscription list layout.
- Use generic podcast logo if the real podcast logo cannot be fetched.
- Bug fixes.

Obviously, given Windows Phone's restrictions, Podcatcher can only refresh its feeds and start downloading if it's brought to the foreground - this is expected and not a showstopper. The biggest remaining issue for me is that long feeds aren't handled properly, with only older programmes on the feed shown. Roll on the next update!

Here's video proof of Podcatcher in action now on the Windows Phone 7.5-powered Nokia Lumia 710:

PS. See also our review of the earlier version 1.1 by David.

Source / Credit: All About Windows Phone