Podcatcher picks up where you left off

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Podcatcher, one of the fledging podcast clients for Windows Phone has just received a major update. Version brings three new settings. First, you can have the player continue playback of an episode from where you left off. Second, you can set Podcatcher to automatically delete played settings to save space on your device. Lastly, a new setting determines whether downloads over cellular data should be attempted.

We reviewed Podcatcher earlier this year and awarded it a score of 70%,

If you are serious about consuming audio and video podcasts on your Windows Phone device, and are tired of having to go through the Zune Desktop software, then I recommend you tryPodcatcher for WP. You can find it in our AAWP Application Directory. It has a free trial and costs £1.29. 


Here is the complete list of changes from the developer's blog:

  • Podcast episode description view with download button.
  • Settings for:
    • Auto-continue playback from last saved position.
    • Automatically clean old played episodes.
    • Try downloading using cellular data
  • Add one-time popups to notify user about Windows Phone download policy when downloading (larger) episodes.
  • If podcast feed announced wrong file size and D/L fails because of that, user can try again with TransferPreferences.None
  • Windows Phone 8 crash fix: stop timer and screen update when the player is not visible.
  • Change main view pivot headers to match Windows Phone style (so people understand it can be swiped).
  • Bug fixes

Source / Credit: Developer's blog