Podcatcher gets OPML feed export

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Please forgive another 'flow' news item for Podcatcher so soon after the big v2.0 feature update, but v2.1.0 adds an extra vital function for all those like me for whom podcast gathering, management and listening is core to our smartphone life. New in v2.1.0 is the ability to export your gPodder-imported and then carefully curated and added-to feeds to a standard OPML file (on your SkyDrive), ready for future import into any other compatible system. In addition, there have been a number of cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes. Changelog and screens below.

Here's Podcatcher v2.1.0 in action:

Screenshot, Podcatcher 2.1.0Screenshot, Podcatcher 2.1.0

A new menu option.... saving OPML version of all your feeds to SkyDrive...

Screenshot, Podcatcher 2.1.0Screenshot, Podcatcher 2.1.0

The process is very quick (a couple of seconds) and worked fine for me. (Right) also tweaked was application cosmetics when running with a light theme, as shown here.

The changelog since v2.0 is:

  • Export feed information in OPML format
  • Fix icons and texts for light background colour
  • Multiple fixes for crashes
  • Handle podcast icons better

In fairness, there are still some issues with Podcatcher under Windows Phone 8, in that playback position in podcasts is not always maintained - the developer is aware of the problem and is investigating....

As usual, if you haven't grabbed Podcatcher yet then here's our software store entry. You can then update on the phone over-the-air etc.