Microsoft enable sign-in by alias

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When Microsoft announced its Hotmail replacement,, it was confirmed that existing users would be able to create an alias. This had presented users with the dilemma of switching to a brand new account, which would cause them to lose all of their Windows Phone Store purchases, or to simply create an alias for contact purposes. The problem, albeit trivial, with an alias is that it could not be used to sign into any Microsoft services. Fortunately, Microsoft have now allowed sign-in by alias for those who want to be identified by their shiny new ID.

This update is also accompanied by two-factor authentication (which we have already reported), and 32 new international Outlook domains.

If you happen to be wiping your device and choose to sign in with your alias, as I recently did after performing a manual update of Portico to my Lumia 920, you may experience problems with social contact sync. I found that my Twitter contacts were not appearing in the People Hub, even though my Twitter timeline was appearing in the What's New pivot. My solution to this was to go to edit my Microsoft profile (via the desktop website,, disconnected my Twitter account, rebooted my phone, then reconnected my Twitter account on my Microsoft profile page, and rebooted my phone again. This caused my Twitter contacts to reappear.

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Source / Credit: Outlook Blog