Nokia accessories app updated to support CR-200 Wireless Car Charger

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Nokia has updated its accessories Settings module app to version (from, adding support for the Nokia CR-200 Car Holder, offering additional Live Tile functionality, and featuring an updated visual design. The accessories app provides a one stop shop for monitoring and controlling the settings of a number of Nokia accessories (JBL PowerUp, JBL PlayUp, Purity Pro, Reaction headset, Charging Stand, and Car Holder)

Support for the CR-200 Car Holder accessory comes in the form of the usual settings control (set which app opens on a NFC touch). In a similar vein to the time and weather mini-app for the DT-910 Charging Stand, the CR-200 gets its own custom app, which essentially provides a simplified car mode that aims to make it easier to access key functionality when driving.

This car mode mini app offers a UI with shortcuts to key functions (HERE Drive+, Nokia Music, Quick call) and large touch target areas (similar to the double wide Live Tile size), which makes it easier to use the phone while it is sitting at arms-length-distance in the Car Holder accessory.

Do note that the use of this car mode app whilst driving may be subject to restrictions, depending on the legal requirements in your country. However, even if you only use the car mode app while stationary, it is still offers a user experience that is arguably better suited to the car context that the full Windows Phone UI (e.g. quicker access to most likely-to-be-used functions).

accessories Screenshotaccessories Screenshot

The update also includes updates the the accessories Live Tile experience. The most notable of these is the inclusion of "live" battery status information via a battery icon and numeric counter. This allows you to see the battery level of your accessories at a glance, providing a useful reminder as to when a speaker or headset might need to be recharged.

The look and feel of the app has also been updated with a new visual design. Each accessory gets its own pivot view with an overview page and a settings page. The overview page includes an illustration of the accessory (with a reminder of the NFC contact point), useful shortcuts (e.g. play music), and information on how much usage time remains (e.g. talk time for the Nokia Reaction headset) based on the current battery level.

accessories Screenshotaccessories Screenshot

The change log for the app, accessible via the about screen, lists the following changes for the new version of the app:

  • Now supporting Car Holder CR-200
  • Accessory battery level indicator on Live Tile
  • Rename Bluetooth accessories
  • Pin to start collectively
  • Updated visual design

Windows Phone Store description:

Nokia’s Accessories app is a versatile companion for all your Nokia accessories, enabling you to make the most of all their great features. You can monitor and manage battery life, control all of their settings and give them a name. There’s easy access to Nokia help on the web if you have any questions, and the option to reset any of your Nokia accessories to their original factory settings if you want to start over. 

accessories is a free downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. It is only available for Nokia Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.

Note that some of the functionality in the the latest update appears to rely on a yet to be released update for the extras+info Settings app module.