Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi on October 22nd

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Nokia, via its Facebook page and official blog, has announced the the event it teased last week is set to take place in Abu Dhabi and will be called Nokia World. As previously disclosed the event will take place on Tuesday October 22nd. A picture accompanying the Facebook post shows hash tags of #closer, #wayfored, and #innovationreinvented, which offers a vague clue for the overall theme of the event.

The last Nokia World was held in London in 2011 and saw the announcement of Nokia's first Windows Phone devices the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. Nokia World events are typically bigger than individual phone launches, with multiple announcements, and demos showcasing a broader range of the company's products and technologies.

Nokia World

The event will be Nokia's first major global event in the Middle East for many years and both provides a contrast to the usual US or European luanch locations and underlines the global outlook of Nokia. The event may also be somewhat bittersweet for Nokia, as it is potentially its last major mobile phone announcement event, ahead of the proposed acquisition of Nokia's Devices & Services business by Microsoft.

It is not yet known what will be announced at the event, but speculation will centre around the extensively leaked Nokia Lumia 1520, a device which is reported to have a six inch screen and a twenty megapixel camera. In addition a smaller screen device, potentially replacing the Lumia 920 / 925, may be a possibility, especially in the context of the recent leak of the Lumia 929. A Nokia tablet device has also long been rumoured and the timing would fit with the launch of Windows RT 8.1 and mirror the announcement of the Nokia Booklet at Nokia World in 2009.

We also expect to see Nokia announce a number of Bluetooth LE accessories, including a Treasure Tag accessory that helps you keep track of movable objects (e.g. suitcase) from your Lumia device.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations