HERE venue maps now cover more than 1 billion square metres

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Nokia's HERE division today shared an infographic on Twitter showcasing the latest coverage stats for its venue maps. There are now indoor maps for more than 50,000 building in 69 countries, with a total coverage of more than 1 billion square metres.

These venue maps can be viewed on and in the HERE Maps app for Windows Phone. The maps are also available for licensing by third parties and thus also appear on other websites (e.g. Microsoft's Bing Maps) and in other apps.

Venue maps are generally used to provide maps of rooms or spaces within a building (e.g. shops in a shopping centre, or facilities in a train station), but some of HERE's venue maps cover combine both indoors and outdoor elements (e.g. shopping district in a city).

Bing Maps
HERE's venue map for Seven Dials (London) as seen on the Bing Maps website

The 50,000 buildings number for HERE's venue maps was first mentioned last month, but the 69 countries number is new. Both are a major increase from the figures of 4,605 building in 38 countries from July of last year, and 29,000 buildings in 45 countries from February of this year.

Here are all the key stats for HERE's Venue Maps, as seen in the infographic below:

  • Floor-by-floor maps of 50,000+ buildings
  • 1,000 venues added per quarter (every three months)
  • Venue maps in 69 countries
  • Total area covered by venue maps is more than 1 billion square metres
  • Venue types are divided into shopping centre (56%), grocery and department stores (15%), railway stations (12%), airports (3%), and others (14%).

Venue Maps

Source / Credit: Twitter