Glowing 'After the buzz' report for the Lumia 1020

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We heartily approve of PocketNow's 'After the buzz' series of videos in which it revisits handsets six months after launch to see how they've fared in every day life. In the case of the Lumia 1020, featured in the video below, it's fair to say that - a few battery worries aside - this Windows Phone camera flagship has come through with positively glowing colours.

Here's the video, the contents of which I can heartily agree with. Yes, a replaceable battery would have been the icing on the 1020 cake, but it seems as if we can't have everything - and after all, the combination of the CC-3066 and the Grip give the 1020 extra power options here.

Thanks to Jay at My Nokia Blog, we have a summarised transcript too, if you're in a hurry:

  • 1020 hardware built to last (software wise)
  • Hardware near pristine condition
  • Wishes for cyan though yellow is eye catching and makes people ask if that’s the Nokia with the insane camera.
  • Best smartphone shooter of 2013
  • Despite competitors upping their game, safe bet that the 1020 camera will remain untouchable for much of the year.
  • Camera app still slow to open/save.
  • Used with care, performance in most situations is outstanding.
  • Manual controls more intuitive than any other smartphone camera.
  • With the exception of the 808 PureView, it’s the best camera we’ve ever used on a mobile phone.
  • Almost no lag has crept in to the day to day software experience.
  • Happy to continue recommending it to WP buyers

With the Black update now in place for all Lumia 1020 owners across the world, this Xenon-fuelled, AMOLED-screened, camera-centric monster still gets my vote too.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog