Olivier Noirhomme explains how to shoot time-lapse video with your Lumia

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In a recent link of interest flow we highlighted the creative efforts of Olivier Noirhomme, who had used a Lumia 1020 to capture a mega-panorama and a series of impressive time-lapse videos. Now, in a two part series on the Nokia Conversations blog, Olivier has shared the details of both how he creates the photographs for his time-lapse creations, and some tips for how to make them into a visually compelling video.

The first part of the series covers the photo capture stage, noting that you'll need a camera app with a interval capture option:

The Nokia Camera app doesn’t have an interval capture option but the Windows Phone Store has plenty of apps offering this functionality. Among others, there’sTimelapse Pro and CameraPro. Timelapse Pro is great for regular and basic time-lapses. There’s a free version with a few capture settings, which allow you to take shots and directly make a video out of them. The paid version enables you to add effects, export/upload video or to save the pictures in the gallery. CameraPro is perfect for regular and advanced time lapses. It’s the one I’m use all the time because it has a lot more settings than Timelapse Pro such as total focus control, exposure time or ISO value.

Just as important is getting the camera settings right, which is also covered in part 1, as is advice on the interval timings, and the number of pictures you should capture.

The second part of the series covers combing the captured photo into the time-lapse video itself. There's tips on how to organise your photos, what frame rate to use, how to create a slow motion effect and other creative effects, and what video editor to use:

For regular time lapses, a media player with an image sequence functionality like Quicktime (Pro version only if that’s still the case) will be enough. You just need to open an image sequence, select the pictures (or sometimes only the first one) and choose the framerate. The player will directly make a video. 

For advanced time lapses, you will have to use a video editor and have some idea about editing notions. There are several editors, each one with its pros and cons : iMovie, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc.

Combined the two part series offers a master class in using your Lumia device to create a time-lapse video. Perhaps it will trigger some creative inspiration for the weekend?

Below is an example of a time-lapse video created with the Lumia 1020. More example are available on Oliver's YouTube channel.