Nokia asks "have you heard what's coming?" (US)

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Nokia has posted a teaser video to YouTube, potentially hinting at an upcoming handset announcement. The video, titled "Have you heard what's coming?", features an audio track with two distinct sections. The first has a car idling and then revving up (high decibels), while the second section has a car passing the audio source (directional audio).

The video's description provides a further hint, suggesting some kind of high quality visual and audio capture, in keeping with Nokia's hallmark camera innovation.

See and hear what you've been missing. Coming soon.

The video has been posted by Nokia US and a smart guess would be that this is a teaser for the Lumia Icon, a Windows Phone 8 handset thatbriefly appeared on the Verizon website earlier this year. 

The device, which is understood to be exclusive to the US operator, is a follow on device to the Lumia 928 and, based on the currently available information, is essentially a smaller screen version of the Lumia 1520. The Lumia Icon is also expected to have the same Rich Recording and directional microphones capabilities as the Lumia 1520, something that would fit with the audio heard in the teaser video. 

Nokia usually posts this kind of teaser just a few days ahead of a formal product announcement. That would suggest an announcement some time next week, but there are no guarantees, especially with MWC being just over two weeks away (though an operator specific handset might creep under the fence).

Source / Credit: Nokia