Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center (Notification) shown on video

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Following on from their video of Windows Phone's 8.1 new swipe keyboard feature, UnleashThePhones has published another video showing off the new Action Centre that is one of the key additions in the next version of Microsoft's mobile platform. As we've previously reported, Action Centre adds a central location to "surface missed notifications" and enables apps to "intelligently manage notifications".

As with Windows Phone 8.1 leaks the presence of a given feature, or the way it is implemented, in preview / early software does not guarantee its presence in the same form in the consumer release of the platform. In this Action Centre seems close to, but not quite matching the final release.

As shown in the video Action Centre is accessed by swiping downwards from the top of the screen, similar to to way hidden status icons are accessed in the current version of Windows Phone. This is also the method used in Android for accessing notification information.

Though it is not entirely clear in the video Action Centre is revealed in two steps. A short downwards swipe reveals four quick access settings panels, while a longer downwards swipe (or second swipe) reveals the full Action Center panel. In both instance additional battery (percentage level), time (date), and network (operator) information is also shown.


The video also shows the settings module for Action Centre, demonstrating how it is possible to customise the quick settings panels, plus turn notification on/of and set a specific sound for different types of notifications (messaging, phone, WiFi). 

In addition to the quick settings panels for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airline Mode, and Driving Mode that we already knew about, the video shows that there are panels for brightness (screen), camera, Internet sharing, location, project my screen, rotation lock, and VPN.

See our previous post on Action Centre for further details of how notifications will work in Windows Phone 8.1.

It is also good to see that Action Center has been localised to Action Centre (US English versus UK/World English).

Source / Credit: UnleashThePhones