Evernote gains mature Post-it note support with impressive recognition

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Evernote, that other favourite cloud-synced note taker, has been updated on Windows Phone in a big way in recent months, with v4.3 brand new and with the Post-it integration (introduced in v4.2) now fully mature, including recognition of searchable text in notes.

Here's the changelog from v4.0, covered here last year, to the new v4.3:

- Post-it® Note Camera: 

  • Snap a photo of a Post-it® Note to digitize and enhance your handwritten to-dos and ideas
  • Automatically assign notebooks, tags and Reminders to different colors of Post-it® Notes
  • Add multiple Post-it® Note snapshots to a single note
  • Search through handwritten text in images
  • Post-it specific bug fixes

- General Bug fixes

The system works remarkably well in practice, with clear imaging and surprisingly good recognition of text, all optimised for Post-it notes (and, ultimately, designed to sell more Post-its, an option within the Settings section, but you can't blame either company for a little profiteering on the side!):

Evernote screenshotEvernote screenshot

'Post-it Note' is a pane/option available within the standard Evernote Photo/camera module. Of note is that there's no auto-focus - instead, tapping both tries for a focus and also takes the shot, so be careful on the Lumia 1020, as focussing isn't guaranteed at this distance.

Evernote screenshotEvernote screenshot

Filters here are less about art and more about making the text as clear and as high-contrast as possible; (right) snapping a second note, the experience is pleasant and quite intuitive...

Evernote screenshotEvernote screenshot

Multiple Post-its can be snapped into a single note if required, depending on what you're doing (e.g. archiving a productive meeting)

Evernote screenshotEvernote screenshot

Within Settings, there's a new section devoted to Post-its, with the handy option to auto-recognise specific colours and auto-assign such notes to a specific Evernote notebook....

Searching my new Post-it Evernote notes proved surprisingly fruitful, with most words recognised and searchable and with the only failures due to excessive slanting or - simply - my terrible handwriting. Presumably the OCR is helped enormously by the guaranteed consistent background of the Post-its.

Highly recommended - and you can do a lot with Evernote without needing to investigate the 'premium' subscription option - you can download this for free in the Windows Phone Store.

PS. See also Microsoft's own Office Lens, which integrates into OneNote for similar effect.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store