OneDrive for WP8.1 updated, choose where you want downloads to go, plus progress pane

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Along with Windows Phone 8.1, now rolling out (it's only got as far as the Lumia 625 and 925 so far!), several core Microsoft components have been updated gradually to accompany the new release of the platform. OneDrive was one of these, with numerous small improvements in recent months, but one complaint had always been from users that you didn't get any control over where in the fledgling file system your downloads ended up. Today's update fixes that, plus other improvements, see below. Obviously, Windows Phone 8.0 users needs not apply, though hopefully not for much longer!

From the changelog in the application listing, here's what's new for v4.2, now available:

  • The ability to download files to your phone and pick where to save them
  • A new progress page for uploading and downloading
  • Improvements to picking contacts when you share files
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Curiously, the main description in the app listing hasn't yet been updated to reflect the new functionality under 8.1 - no doubt this will happen in due course.

Taking OneDrive for a quick test spin on the editorial Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 1520:

Screenshot, OneDriveScreenshot, OneDrive

Browsing my OneDrive and then picking something(s) to download....

Screenshot, OneDriveScreenshot, OneDrive

There's the typical Windows Phone 8.1 folder picker, just select the folder or sub-folder you want; (right) transfers (in either direction) also get an entry on the appropriate 'progress' pane....

A solid update all round, when combined with 8.1 generally. You can update OneDrive (it's baked into Windows Phone 8.1) in the Store client, as usual, on the phone. It's a good complement to the new Files utility for the platform, which handles local files.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store