Tweetium gets further facelifts, optimisations and fixes

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You'll have remembered that Tweetium just edged my round-up of Windows Phone Twitter clients? Well, it just got better again, see the extensive changelog below. Admittedly this is a universal application and it still doesn't look perfect on the phone, but in terms of under the hood mechanics, I don't think Tweetium can be beaten - on any platform.

Last featured here, for v3.0.1, here are the summarised changes for Tweetium v3.2:

  • New conversation experience for phone
  • Updated nav bar visuals
  • Added Crimson and "XB Green" accent colors
  • Improved touch keyboard interactions/animations
  • Expanded view now shows a share icon with other controls (helps discoverability of share).
  • Enlarged the touch hit targets of quick action buttons slightly
  • Touch keyboard no longer comes up automatically when expanding a DM thread with touch
  • "Gray" background is now the same achromatic gray as the gray accent option
  • Phone back button now dismisses reply boxes before dismissing the entire thread
  • Changed "n following" to "follows n" on profiles for clarity
  • The large tile now properly shows the sender (not recipient) for DMs
  • "Start at last read" no longer affects the Me tab or user profiles
  • Grouped retweets in search results now show the original tweet when clicked/tapped
  • Settings pages on phone now use theme colors
  • Follow and Favorite toasts now launch to the Connect tab (now that Connect+ is enabled by default for Pro users)
  • YouTube links now open in supported YouTube apps
    • Tested with MetroTube and YouTube (official/MS app) on phone
  • More performance tweaks for certain scenarios, especially jumping to top
  • Disabled support for installing to SD cards on Windows Phone, as apparently WP 8.1 has bad bugs with this.
    • The app is very small and uses very little temp file space, so shouldn't be an issue.
  • Prevent the scroll position from changing when new tweets stream into a thread while you're replying
  • Hide the header accent when sliding the page up for the on-screen keyboard (PC)
  • Restored old streaming/new items behavior at the top of the view
  • Adjusted the link-on-accent color for Red accent
  • Small alignment tweaks for the navbar on phone
  • Dropped initial view count on phone back to 20 for better performance
  • Share page now uses your last used theme
  • CommandBar is now slightly more opaque


You can buy Tweetium from the Store here. Yes, it's commercial software, but I promise that you'll be happy - it's certainly the slickest I've seen for Twitter on Windows Phone. All for the price of a half pint of beer.

If you need more (e.g. multiple Twitter accounts, real time notifications) then there's a Tweetium Pro too - see the in-app links and comments,

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store