The UK Lumia 1520 gets Denim at last

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Dealing in terms of the UK country variants at any rate (AAWP being a UK site), several weeks after the Lumia 930, the 1520, with similar internals, is now receiving the Lumia Denim update. Photo proof below, along with an extra article or two, as promised. Watch this space....

In addition to the UK country variant getting Denim, the O2 variant of the 1520 phablet is also getting the update right now. As usual, go into 'Settings/phone update' to kick things off.

1520 getting Denim in the UK

We've covered Denim before on other devices. In addition to Lumia Camera 5, which I've already featured in the articles linked below, there's the 'Hey Cortana' always-listening feature on the 930 and on the 1520 here, both of which have the right Snapdragon 80x series chipsets. Which is all just crying out for a demo video at some point. I know, I know...

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