Tweetium update round-up, faster, more reliable

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'Universal' app Tweetium, not content with topping my Twitter app round-up, has been marching on, with weekly updates, making it faster and more reliable. Tweetium has been my go-to Twitter application on Windows Phone for months now - it's still not perfect, but it'll take something great to topple it. See below for a full changelog since our last update story.

Here's what's new for v3.2.8, since I last featured Tweetium for its v3.2 update, less than a month ago(!):

  • Fix for rare "Something went wrong" messages which could persist in certain views until next suspend/resume
  • Greatly improved resume handling when scrolled far down the list (mainly, removed jumping when attempting to resume farther than ~200 tweets down in common cases)
  • Fixed occasional small scroll jumping when loading more tweets at the top of the view
  • Reduced occurrences of rate limit errors in certain scenarios
  • Improved people search results for exact matches of people you follow
  • Fixed top reported crash bugs
  • Fixed a couple of cases where the back button could stop working
  • Fixed AppBar appearing unexpectedly when dismissing an image viewer or rotating in a conversation
  • Image viewer now extends to the edges of the screen
  • Fixed an animation glitch when opening an image in a scrolled conversation
  • Fixed multi-line paste reversing the line order
  • Support for viewing videos (including from animated GIFs) embedded in tweets (This uses new support for Twitter which is still rolling out, so may not be available in all cases yet.)
  • Fixed some cases where the AppBar could disappear or appear unexpectedly when switching views with conversations expanded.
  • Returning to a tab with a thread expanded now shows the thread more quickly and restores reply state
  • Tapping the navbar tab for the current view dismisses any expanded reader tiles in addition to scrolling to the top
  • Fixed handling of the back button when expanding additional conversations from links/timestamps on top of each other
  • Fixed a bug where old cache data left over from beta builds could be loaded in rare connectivity loss or rate limit scenarios


Hmm.... images are now supposed to be to the edge of the screen - maybe I'm missing something, but why are they still shrunk slightly in the main timeline? (right) still outrageous customisation options in terms of colours - knock yourself out!!

You can buy Tweetium from the Store here. Yes, it's commercial software, but I promise that you'll be happy - it's certainly the slickest I've seen for Twitter on Windows Phone. All for the price of a half pint of beer.

If you need more (e.g. multiple Twitter accounts, real time notifications) then there's a Tweetium Pro too - see the in-app links and comments.

PS. Yes, I know about Aeries. I'm meeting with the developer tonight, as I write this, to see if this can be made review-ready for AAWP.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store