Fedora Reader, an old school RSS reader in a Feedly world?

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You remember the old days? When you had a RSS feed reader and a hand-crafted set of feeds, either pasted in manually or imported through your own .OPML archive? Then along came Google Reader, offering to do most of the hard work for you and to allow access from anywhere and from a multitude of client interfaces? Google canned the service, inexplicably, but happily Feedly popped up to take up the slack and with a similar API, meaning that most news feed reading is now done via this or a similar cloud service. Yet along comes Fedora Reader daring to be old-school and go its own way. The downside? It's still immature, and you'll have to do some work to get your favourite feeds into it. The upside? It appears to be completely free...

From the Store description:

Fedora Reader is a fast, minimalist RSS feed reader for Windows and Windows Phone. It lets you add your own feeds, or choose from a list of curated feeds.

 Since RSS feeds typically contain truncated articles, Fedora Reader can extract the from most articles so you can read the article without having to leave the app. However, if you want to read an article in the browser, you can do so easily from the sidebar.

Fedora Reader lets you mark articles as Favorite, so you never have to go searching for that one article you liked.

Here's the application in action:

Fedora Reader screenshotFedora Reader screenshot

Introducing the slide-out side bar - it's more useable than the 'hamburger'/top-left system used in other applications (fx:spit), but it's still a little jarring; (right) browsing the well stocked curated list of popular RSS feeds....

Fedora Reader screenshotFedora Reader screenshot

Aha! There's a dark theme, perfect for my AMOLED-screened Lumia 930, along with a good selection of settings - including importing a prepared .OPML set of feeds from SD card or OneDrive (if you have such an archive); (right) the main summary interface...

Fedora Reader screenshotFedora Reader screenshot

Digging down into a feed or 'Unread' (on all feeds), and into a story...

Fedora Reader screenshotFedora Reader screenshot

Full stories are extracted from the sites concerned, along with images (optionally) and you can choose the font size used. 'Fix article', interestingly, seems to be to do with trying to extract a story in a different way if the standard way fails...

There's no swiping between stories, Nextgen Reader-style, so you currently have to keep pressing 'back' and then onto the next story of interest - I'd expect a swipe gesture in a future version.

You can also, if you use Windows 8.x or above, download the Windows version of Fedora Reader and have your feed list automatically sync between devices. In the meantime, you can grab the Windows Phone version here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store