Tubecast Pro gets 4K and 1440p support, many fixes and improvements

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You'll remember that the all-singing, all-dancing Chromecast and DLNA-aware YouTube player, Tubecast Pro, was reviewed by me a last year, rating it as powerful but with 'glitches'. It has had numerous updates in the meantime, with the latest today, see the a summarised changelog below since the last time we featured an update. I did have a few issues, mind you - just me?

Here's a summary of what's changed from v2.8.8, featured here, to the present v3.0.8.0:

  • Windows 8 merged design and code
  • Horizontal Navigation
  • Improve annotation handling
  • Improve DLNA (with new SmarTV)
  • New pinch gesture and doubletap for fullscreen videos
  • Bigger newsfeed for logged users
  • 'Network error' fixed, it was due to YouTube API quota
  • All the player zone is clickable for play/pause
  • New Icon
  • 4K
  • 1440p (QHD)
  • 1080p (Full HD)
  • 60fps
  • Cast QHD Full HD & 60fps to DLNA devices
  • Preload QHD, Full HD & 60fps videos
  • Channel Menu : New design (windows 10 style) with smooth animation.
  • Thomson TV & Android TV added to tubecast list
  • Bug fixes

Screenshot, Tubecast pro

An impressive changelog, even if few of us have 4K TVs capable of handling this output from a Chromecast. Note that, as usual, it's the Chromecast doing the streaming and Internet access - this app will work from any Windows Phone, however lowly, in principle.

Interestingly, with the latest Chromecast firmware, I found Tubecast Pro less reliable than before:


I experienced numerous miscommunications to the Chromecast, with videos playing when they shouldn't and not pausing when they should, etc. I can only think that this is due to a change at Google's/Chromecast's end...

You can try/buy Tubecast Pro here in the Store. Is it just me? How well does the app work with the Chromecast in April 2015?

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store