Video 360 lets you experience all round viewing

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The developers of the popular Tubecast Pro have come up with another very useful video tool, a companion application ($2, but you can try it 20 times for free, etc.), Video 360. One of the current trends in the YouTube and mobile world is 360° videos, shot on special spherical cameras, letting people with compatible applications use their phone's gyroscope to control where the 'virtual camera' is pointing through the video. And now you can join in with Video 360 on Windows Phone. 

From the Store description:

Video 360 is the first 360° player on Windows Store. Try this amazing experience to control the movie video camera. Connect the player with Tubecast to enjoy Youtube 360 degrees videos (up to 4K Support).

Move the camera video with :

  • Gestures (Slide for moving and pinch for zooming)
  • Device sensors (Gyrometer, Accelerometer etc.)

And here's a walkthrough, as always:

Screenshot, Video 360

Upon opening, you can verify that your sensors are being picked up, by panning around a virtual image built into Video 360...

Screenshot, Video 360Screenshot, Video 360

But then it's a case of tapping on the magnifying glass icon to launch Tubecast (Pro) with the appropriate search string. Any of the found videos should work, and you can tap on the '360°' icon at the top to switch back to Video 360 with this video's URL. 

Screenshot, Video 360

And then you're off and watching - swinging the phone round tells the application which view direction to play in the 360° video - all very cool indeed.

The twin-app approach is tortuous, but does work. I do think it would have made more sense to build all this into Tubecast itself, but that's up to the developer. In the meantime, you can try Video 360 for free here in the Store. You get 20 trial videos before you're asked to cough up the minimal $2, which is generous.

The next big stage will be adapting all this for stereoscopic viewers like Google Cardboard (think InMind VR etc.)

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store