Tweetium gets 10k DMs and a host of fixes

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With the increase in size of DMs (Direct Messages) on Twitter to 10,000 characters (it was 140!), it's not surprising to see a new update for Twitter clients like the 'universal' Tweetium here, but there are a mountain of other fixes and optimisations, as listed below. Still my favourite way of accessing Twitter - on any platform.

Here's the changelog for v3.6.4 since the last time we featured Tweetium (v3.6.0):

  • Enable support for sending DMs up to 10,000 chars long
  • Improved transition from offline to online mode
  • Fixed a bug which prevented "Open in new window" commands from properly scoping the new window
  • Restored a missing animation when adding new tweets on the left in landscape view
  • Another improvement to top-loading smoothness for vertical mode
  • Fix a crashing bug in the last update affecting users with a specific configuration.
  • An additional thread expansion performance improvement is now enabled.
  • Improvements and fixes for how the app resumes after having scrolled down a ways - This should fix the out-of-order/looping issues seen in previous 3.6.x releases, and should also make resuming smoother in some situations
  • Reduced memory usage in some situations, including when suspended
  • Performance and data usage improvements for expanding threads
  • Increased responsiveness of favorite button in thread view
  • GIFs and videos no longer reset to the beginning when favoriting or retweeting in a thread view
  • Fix for a case where quick action buttons wouldn't respond to touch correctly
  • Fixed a case where the last read indicator could appear multiple times unexpectedly when scrolling up
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes reported by users

Highly recommended, you can buy Tweetium from the Store here. Yes, it's commercial software, but I promise that you'll be happy - it's certainly the slickest I've seen for Twitter on Windows Phone. All for the price of a half pint of beer. It's a universal application too, so will work on Windows 8.x and above on the desktop/laptop too. Here's my Twitter timeline right now on both phone (Lumia 930) and laptop (running Windows 10), a good example of how content can be seamlessly reflowed in an appropriate fashion on different sizes and shape of display:


Source / Credit: Store