Airport venue maps arrive for HERE, plus W10M Maps gets parking location aid too

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Windows 10 Mobile's Maps is pretty impressive, see here for my previous features on this core app/service. And it got a big update again overnight, with indoor maps for airports and the facility to save your parking location easily. Functions which work well together, obviously! [Update] It seems that the venue map data is part of the core HERE Maps data set and this too received an update in the last 24 hours. Head into Here Maps on your Windows Phone 8.1 device and choose 'download maps' to see if there's an update waiting. Then follow the same zoom-in-and-tap procedure!

The car position saving will work anywhere, of course - OK, you could do this before by saving your current car location as a new favourite, but this lets you keep re-using the same named location, which works out more convenient all round, I think? Plus you get to add a note, perhaps the parking space or zone, or similar:

Maps screenMaps screen

Also new for each mapping application is support for venue maps for airports around the world, i.e. where all the shops and facilities are. I checked for some major shopping centres, but nothing so far. Once zoomed in far enough on an airport, tapping on the relevant block switches the map into venue mode, with a pick list of levels as well, since most of these places have multiple floors:

Maps screenMaps screen

Two nice little extras for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. Mind you, the latter has the better live traffic awareness, plus it's all in the one 'app', and this is, I contend, almost sufficient grounds to make the jump from Windows Phone 8.1 to 10 on its own. Just saying....!

Source / Credit: WMPU