Aeries (Twitter) UWP updates include significant performance improvements

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Since we last featured the Twitter client Aeries, back at the end of 2015 for its big UWP rewrite, a lot's been happening with its development, in fits and spurts admittedly, in line with the developer's studies(!) Below is a summarised changelog of everything improved and fixed since v2.0, topped off with two updates in the last week alone and taking us up to v2.3.18.0. It's very evident that Aeries is now much prettier and much faster...

There's a very functional official Twitter client for Windows 10 Mobile, of course, also a UWP. But you can never have too much choice and Aeries is significantly faster and slicker (as are Tweetium and a few others, of which more later).

Here's the summarised changlog for v2.3.18 then, over and above v2.0, from before Christmas:

Check out the full changelog below:

  • Updated colour pallettes.
  • Massively improved scrolling performance.
  • Massively improved navigation performance.
  • Accounts page and login page now adopt a slightly gradient background.
  • Improvements in how sections are managed behind the scenes for more stability and easier future extensions.
  • Pull to refresh!
  • New compose experience for desktop (Ctrl + Click to pop out compose window).
  • Crash logging improvements.
  • Added animations for opening and closing images with the image viewer.
  • Images now slightly fade in when lazy loaded within the timeline.
  • Unread count now displays over each timeline, creating more space in the headers.
  • Unread count now hides when you scroll down.
  • Pin users as sections
  • Fewer appearance settings require restart of application.
  • Quick actions displayed on mosue over now have hover states and animations for appearing / disappearing.
  • Lots of diagnostic improvements to fix future bugs quicker
  • Improved streaming stability.
  • Improved performance and caching of user profiles.
  • Added expand button to quick reply on mobile, it’s now easier to send more elaborate replies!
  • Debugging and logging improvements to help me get fixes to you faster!
  • Ctrl+Enter to send in quick reply on PC.
  • Quickly access user actions with a right tap or long hold on a user image in the  timeline.
  • No need to restart the app after updating sections on PC now!
  • Right click image to save on PC.
  • Improved save read position stability.
  • User accounts now stay more upto date when edited outside the app.
  • 'Me' section now enabled by default.
  • If a compose window is already open, clicking compose will switch to it instead of opening new window.
  • Improved streaming UX.
  • Improved rate limiting for searches.
  • Added Spanish Translation
  • Completely new login experience to help you get up and running faster.
  • Indicator for tweets which are replies in a conversation.
  • Option to have timeline images full screen width or truncated to text width.
  • Compose page now loses focus after sending unless opened via the Jumplist.
  • Added Nearby Tweets as a pinnable section and to the discover page. Now easily see the tweets around your current location!
  • Added the ability to find new people in the Discover page, now browse categories of recommended people to beef up you Twitter feed.
  • Added quick picker to compose for images, now quickly pick from the last images in your camera roll, or take a new image.
  • All new autosuggest experience for users and hashtags.
  • View Gifs in the app image viewer.
  • Easily select gifs to post in the Compose page 
  • Upload videos to Twitter!
  • Now see attached media inline with quoted tweets.
  • Vastly improved memory management when switching between multiple accounts, should make the switch much more seamless.
  • Improved smoothness of scrolling under various conditions.
  • Improved back and memory usage related to streaming.
  • Further improvements for read position restoration after some experimentation.
  • Stability and sync improvements for reading/firing notifications.
  • Addressed two edge cases which could cause read position to restore at the same position.
  • Sync between devices greatly sped up & will restore to positions that haven’t been cached on the client yet.
  • Retweet options now show up correctly next to retweet button.
  • New live tile choices! Choose between recent tweets, images etc to be displayed.
  • Added the ability to filter any tweets mentioning a user.
  • Much improved frequency for syncing between apps (should update within a couple minutes).
  • Mention notifications now have inline reply.
  • Support for Spotify rich media (previews playable in app when available.)
  • Support for Large and medium sized tiles.
  • Ctrl + Enter to send a DM on the PC.
  • New scrollbar for Accounts side menu when using mouse.
  • Live tiles now cycle through 5 tweets instead single most recent.
  • Scrolling performance improvements for when save read position is enabled.
  • Much improved resume performance + memory consumption.
  • UI tweaks all over the place.
  • Lists in sections now save read position.
  • Added Catalan translation.
  • Improvements to the stability of loading timelines with poor connections.
  • Improved data usage on first launch.
  • Translations updated.
  • You can now post much larger images.
  • Added Tweet Storm functionality (Just try to send a tweet over 140 characters).
  • Improved border styles for sections
  • Some changes to the initial add section prompt
  • Day night mode will now work first restart after enabling
  • Renabled drag and drop for images
  • Reenabled copy and paste for images
  • Brought all notification styles inline.
  • Added interactions as a default section for new users.
  • Non regex filters are no longer case sensitive.
  • Regex filters are now validated before saving the filter.
  • Updated UI all over the place.

Phew! Plus a mountain of bug fixes, which I've omitted because they're far too long to list.

You can grab this in the Store here - it's a commercial app, like Tweetium, but you do get a lot of code/effort/value for money. And £2.29 (in the UK) doesn't exactly break the bank.

Some screenshots from the latest version, seen here on Mobile, via my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, AeriesScreenshot, Aeries

Showing a clean face, here in Black mode, with titles and (Windows) virtual controls turned off, plus full width inline images... (right) tapping on a tweet gives a quick actions toolbar, tapping on the '...' brings up yet more actions...

Screenshot, AeriesScreenshot, Aeries

There are now more settings than ever and fewer of them require Aeries to be restarted (hint: if you do need to do this, kill it from the 'Recent apps' carousel); (right) hey, looking for someone to follow on Twiiter, in Aeries? I'm @stevelitchfield and Rafe is @rafeblandford, while the site ia @AA_WP !