Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update - Official Release Demo

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Fellow Brit Zac Bowden (under the WC banner) has done a rather good 20 minute emulator-based walkthrough of everything that's new in Windows 10 Mobile 'Redstone' Anniversary Update, over and above the 'Threshold' original builds. Nothing new to most AAWP readers, especially if you've been in the Insider programme or even read my own Threshold to Redstone overview. But nice to have this in video form to point people to.

But without further ado, grab some popcorn, because this is a 20 minute video:

Very nicely done, and clear on screen thanks to the emulator recording. It's hard to do videos of this length without any real missteps, so credit where credit's due.

In case you missed it, the Anniversary Update (Windows 10 Mobile branch is now rolling out to production Lumias and other compatible devices across the world.