Security-centric OS update for 'Threshold' W10M phones

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Available now is a catch-up, security-centric OS update for all Windows 10 devices stuck on the '10586' branch for whatever reason. This includes a few non-Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phones, plus any number of older Windows Phones that were test-upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile through the Insiders programme but which got 'stuck' there since Microsoft didn't deem them 'officially' eligible for the final W10M update. Anyway, if you have a niche device or a Lumia 720/820/920/925/1020 (or similar) and it's been on 10586.545 for many months, check now and you should see the update to 10586.682 now.


This update brings:

  • Increased stability of Microsoft Edge browser
  • Fixed NFC security bugs
  • Fixed Wi-fi security issues
  • Security updates to the W10M kernel and kernel-mode drivers

Happy updating.... Best to stay safe - you may not have the extra features of the Anniversary Update, but you'll be safer when online.