Onecast UWP gets a December update

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At the start of last month, I introduced readers to a brand new 'super-simple' Windows 10 Mobile podcatcher, Onecast, a UWP application that aims to be as easy to use as the original Windows Phone 8 Podcasts application from Microsoft. And, proving that development on this is currently very fast, we had this update about three weeks ago and then another today, heading well into December 2016, see the changelog below.

Here's what's new in today's update, to v1.1.27.0:

  • Play remotely on ANY Windows device you're logged into! (beta)
  • Live Tile notification of new episodes!
  • Tap to toggle time elapsed/remaining during playback
  • Tap on downloading text to see pending download queue
  • Swipe left/right on pending download queue to remove
  • Changed download icon from downward arrow to cassette tape
  • Auto-Delete may purge old cache files if >90% played to save space
  • Added Cancel option to active download
  • Improved active download info
  • Fixed issue with podcasts without image
  • Fixed auto-cache sometimes not working
  • Fixed attempt to auto-cache completed episode
  • Fixed attempt to stream next episode in airplane mode
  • Fixed episodes sometimes displayed out of order
  • Fixed podcast series sometimes out of order
  • Fixed unable to unsubscribe to some podcasts
  • Fixed Live Tile image cropping on mobile
  • Fixed episode list issue in airplane mode
  • Fixed random app crash during playback
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Onecast is quickly developing into the 'little podcatcher that could' - it's small, idiosyncratic and what you see is very much what you get in the UI. No settings hierarchy, no complications, etc. On the flip side, there's also currently no background auto-downloading of new shows (i.e. you have to tap to play/download), though the developer's still working on this side of things. There's also no easy way to clean up old shows which were never finished - I've requested this feature and will report back.

A couple of shots of this version in action:


The shows listings have a new cassette icon indicating a stored download, plus the new 'Pending downloads' view, complete with 'swipe to cancel' function...

You can grab this in the Store here, it's a free download (with in-app-purchases to donate to help development if you want to).

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