VLC (UWP) media player gets a huge bug-fix update

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VLC's always been the maverick app of the computer world - able to play formats that nothing else will touch, available on every platform, yet with enough glitches and caveats to make the average regular user cry. Its UWP incarnation is coming along nicely, mind you - the catch this time, thanks to changes in the underlying database files that it uses, is that if you're updating VLC then you'll need to uninstall it first from the main phone application list, wait a while (or 'check for updates') and then re-install it from scratch. And, yes, wait while it reindexes all the videos and music on your device from scratch - on my Lumia 950 XL this took half an hour! But as they say, no pain, no gain...

Here’s the quoted changelog for this, VLC v2.2.0.0:

  • Fix a potential deadlock when dismissing a dialog
  • Fix camera roll appearing in the regular video collection
  • Fix systematic black screen after a full playback
  • Fix SD card discovery
  • Fix potential crash when switching between audio collection tabs
  • Fix potential thumbnailer deadlock
  • Fix media library re-indexing
  • Fix wrong thumbnail being displayed in SMTC
  • Fix potential crash when browsing folders
  • Fix potential deadlock when discovering media
  • Use the correct swapchain resolution
  • Add support for encrypted password store
  • Add previous/next buttons for video playback
  • Fix duplicated network shares display
  • Various command bar improvements
  • Improve hardware decoding support
  • Allow audio items deletion
  • New subtitle rendering engine with font fallback
  • Major playlist & playback code rewrite

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Update VLC in place and you'll get a simple icon and then - eventually - a crash. So uninstall VLC first, refresh the app lists and databases with a 'Check for updates' in the Store and then reinstall it, i.e. from scratch.

Screenshot, VLCScreenshot, VLC

And then wait while your music and video lists are rebuilt all over again - this can take the best part of an hour if you have a large collection on microSD...

Screenshot, VLC

VLC now plays both videos and music files superbly though - no complaints over UI or performance here.

Of course, you might well ask why you should care about VLC's UWP app when the likes of Groove Music and 'Films & TV' work so well on Windows 10 Mobile. Good question. And I haven't really got an answer other than 'try VLC if you come across files that you can't play using the built-ins'. VLC has been more use to me on the desktop in the past, where there have been more restrictions on supported media codecs. And, thanks to the UWP app nature here, this is again probably of more use to you on Windows 10 on larger computers.

Comments welcome - are you a big VLC user?

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