More HP Elite x3 videos, compelling arguments

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You've got to hand it to HP, they're putting their weight behind the Windows 10 Mobile-powered Elite x3 in many ways. Not least in promotional videos that sell the system to public services, businesses and corporations. Here are no less than four more new videos from the HP YouTube channels - they're compelling and perfectly tuned to their target market for this W10M flagship and its accessories.

First, a look at why the Elite x3 is a safe and secure choice:

Then a (mocked up, obviously) look at how the Elite x3 and its docks fit in with life in police patrol duties in the USA:

Thirdly, a look at how HP Workspace works, giving access to remote machines running Win32 applications - the reality isn't quite as smooth as shown here, but you get the idea:

Finally, a music-laden promo for the recently announced barcode scanning solution:

If only Microsoft had put so much effort into promoting the Lumia 950 range a couple of years ago then I think Windows 10 Mobile would be a lot more pervasive than it is right now?