Onecast UWP podcatcher gets OneDrive sync across devices

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Onecast is a UWP podcatcher with a specific mission - to have a UI with no menus and no settings - what you see should be what you get. In fact, there are various pop-ups and modes to learn, but on the whole it succeeds. And with this new version, you can sync your feeds and their listening progress between Windows phones, tablets and laptops, anything with the Onecast UWP app installed and signed into OneDrive. Plus video podcasts (including a player) are now supported. And then there's a host of UI enhancements and fixes, including filters and the long awaited landscape support on the phone. Phew! See below for the full list of changes since the last time we featured Onecast at the end of 2016.

Here's the official changelog for the new Onecast v1.6.45:

  • Added OneDrive support for multi-device syncing
  • Added video podcast support
  • Added keyword filter for episodes
  • Added preference prompt for OneDrive sync conflicts
  • Added landscape mobile UI
  • Added refresh all option to homescreen options
  • Added refresh podcast option to episode list
  • Added label for sleep timer
  • Added color indicators for active filters
  • Removed "Send to Remote Device" (replaced by OneDrive feature)
  • Moved Overcast features to Share button
  • Fixed manual download issues with auto-caching disabled
  • Fixed bug that showed ads after donating
  • Fixed bug affecting the background task
  • Fixed UI resize issue for Continuum
  • Fixed auto downloads sometimes failing
  • Fixed intermittent playback issue
  • Fixed issue when navigating back from show notes
  • Improved searching speed
  • Improved search-as-you-type detection
  • Improved album art scaling on homescreen
  • Improved OneDrive Sync update speed

Here's the new version in action:


Mixing in video podcasts (here my Phones Show!) with audio, though the huge download size is sometimes prohibitive on phones! Still, the same 'watch while you download' works 8-)


OneDrive sync can be enabled across signed in devices and instances of Onecast - very nicely done!


Now in landscape too, a final trick in a good UWP app's bow?

You can grab Onecast for free here in the Store. You can pay in various ways in-app to remove the ads, thus supporting future development.

Have you been using OneCast? Any comments or reviews?

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