Windows 10 Mobile Fast ring goes to build 15215

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This was from the very end of last week, but I thought I should at least put up a post in case any of the fixed bugs help regular AAWP readers. It's becoming more and more obvious that the Fast Insiders ring for Windows 10 Mobile is becoming less the 'unstable, early access' ring and more the 'more bugs fixed than any other' ring. There's clearly effort going into keeping the core of Windows 10 Mobile up to date and fixing reported issues, all the while that the feature and app development is concentrated on the 'desktop' - at least for now.

With that in mind, here's the latest bug-fixed build of Windows 10 Mobile, you can grab it from the Fast ring etc.

From the Windows blog:

Changes, improvements, and fixes for Mobile

  • We fixed an issue where the Call audio did not move to speaker after removing the headset on some phones.
  • We have improved power and performance for apps, such as Fitbit, for pair, connect, sync and notifications.
  • We fixed an issue where notifications would not be mirrored to the user’s PC and Cortana’s cross-device settings would not persist.

Three potential 'biggies' out the way then, so worth upgrading and enduring an hour of spinning cogs and 'migrating'?

See my feature on upgrade paths for the various classes of existing W10M handsets and the wider grid covering older devices, even though most of these won't be able to take advantage of this (RS2+), even with the Insider programme.

Anyone with an existing phone that's officially deemed Windows 10 Mobile CU-compatible by Microsoft can join in the fun - in theory. In each case:

  1. Head into Settings/Update & Security/Windows Insider Programme.
  2. Join the Insiders programme and choose the 'Fast' level in the pick list.
  3. Within a few hours your phone should be seeing the build mentioned above and you'll be running the Creators Update and beyond... 

Note that the popular Lumia 930 and 1520 haven't yet been 'provisioned' for this branch of Windows 10 Mobile. I tried - setting the Insider level to 'Fast' doesn't show up any of the recent 152xx builds. Do ping me if this changes, but I'm prepared at this point to say that these 2014/2015 phones may have reached their end on the Creators Update Release Preview ring, which will see critical updates through 2017 and then... no more after that.

As mentioned before, I've got an article in preparation which will hopefully explain where Microsoft's vision is going in terms of mobile.

Source / Credit: Windows blog