Bringcast UWP podcatcher gets many fixes, experimental animations

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You may remember my extensive roundup of UWP podcatchers earlier this year? Well, Bringcast was deemed to be in second place then, with potential to be best once all the bugs had been 'ironed out'. And it seems that with today's update, a load of bugs have indeed been quoshed, see the extensive changelog below.

Here's the full changelog for v4.0.43, since the last time we featured Bringcast here, back in January:

  • Experimental feature for BringCast Pro users: send currently playing item to another device running BringCast. 
  • Fixed a bug with listview staggering for connected animations
  • Connected animations always enabled
  • Fix themepack 2
  • Some layout improvements for band player
  • Add a setting to disable the light effect for buffering 
  • Fix an issue preventing background scanning from working correctly in some cases
  • Fix an issue with Telemetry
  • Fix race condition on startup when downloads complete / start at the same time
  • Fix an issue with skins not applying correctly
  • Ability to turn on experimental features for pro users
  • New pro feature to clear the player
  • Ability to disable lighting buffering
  • Add a 1 week pro subscription option

Quite a list then and Bringcast is now much more reliable in daily use. A few representative screens of the new version in action:

Screenshot, Bringcast

A reminder of Bringcast's biggest unique feature, the large-buttoned, bold UI...(!)

Screenshot, BringcastScreenshot, Bringcast

Multiple downloads at the same time should no longer cause 'race' conditions and issues; (right) 'Theme Pack 2' should now work properly - which is good, because several of its items were my idea!

Screenshot, BringcastScreenshot, Bringcast

Experimental features include all the many animations and light effects, seen across the UI. Not quite Fluent Design, but close; (right) one of the many animations caught mid-transition.

BringCast has perhaps come of age with this release. The most controversial thing done here in the last six months is the switch to a 'service' model, but 72p a month is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things and don't we all want to support dedicated Windows developers in 2017? Grab this podcatcher for free here in the Store and then head into the 'Get Pro Features' section on the bottom toolbar.

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