myTube! summer 2017 updates

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myTube! (UWP) is probably the best supported (in terms of updates) and best loved (in terms of reliability and interface) YouTube clients for Windows 10 Mobile - and it's been fixed up a number of times since the last time we covered it here on AAWP, most recently to fix a major login issue. See below for a changelog summary and some screens.

Here's a changelog summary of all the recent tweaks and fixes for v3.1.6 of myTube! (UWP):

  • Translations update interval increased from 36 hours to once a week for non-beta users
  • Fixed crash that could occur when checking for downloads while the device is low on storage
  • Fixed issue where while scrolling down comments, replies to earlier comments show up on the later comments
  • Increased audio/video synchronization check interval from 0.05s to 0.075s
  • Added HockeyApp analytics
  • Improved lock screen playback for playlists
  • Search page API usage optimization
  • Fixed subscriptions issue for users who have the new YouTube site design
  • Improvements to subscription videos
  • Enabled data caching in order to reduce API usage
  • Fixed recommended video list
  • Fixed issue where bookmarked playlists may not work on the second load
  • Added views to channel info
  • Fixed live tile loading issues
  • Fixed settings popup visuals when enabling blur effects
  • Added button to view browser on watch later page
Quite a list and, having fallen foul of login issues myself, am very happy to have myTube! working again on both my Windows 10 Mobile phones and on my Surface Pro!

Screenshot, myTube!Screenshot, myTube!

Browsing through the subscriptions list and channel pages, myTube! is a really attractive app and arguably some way ahead of even Google's YouTube client on Android and iOS? Your comments welcome!

A super upgrade to a useful Windows 10 UWP application, you can buy it here in the Store (it's only a dollar or local equivalent). Yes, it's a blow to not have an official YouTube client from Google for the Windows 10 platform, but hopefully all users will find this (or one of the other top titles like Perfect Tube) quickly in the Store, making any omission somewhat moot.