Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger UWPs get higher RAM requirements

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Yes, it's cool that even at the end of 2017, we have first party Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger UWPs, but the way they're built, repurposing the iOS (iPhone) version's code, means that they're slow to start and heavy on RAM (so more stuff will get kicked out of RAM when they're running) - MSPU reports below that the stated 'minimum' RAM for each has now been raised to 2GB, rather limiting the pool of phones which can run these applications smoothly.

From MSPU:

Is your Instagram app running a bit sluggish? If you’re running anything less than a high-end Windows 10 Mobile flagship, you’re not going to able to take to the Windows Store to complain. Along with its Face Filter enabling update for Windows last week, the firm also implemented a new minimum hardware requirement for hardware.Now, Instagram will require 2GB of RAM, the app appears to install and function without it on my Lumia 735, but you won’t be able to leave reviews while lacking the required hardware.

Apparently Instagram owners Facebook previously raised the minimum requirements for Facebook and Messenger in Windows 10 up to 2GB of RAM, so it makes sense that Instagram has similar requirements, as it is built on the same OSMeta technology. Effectively these applications are ported versions of the relevant iOS applications running on middleware that comes along for the ride - and requires extra RAM, it seems.

So now users won't be able to leave 'slow and clunky' or 'crashes all the time' reviews when using these applications on less than flagship smartphones - which is fair enough, I guess, but it's a little disingenuous to let these users install the applications in the first place, let alone changing the requirements 'on the fly' after initial release.

Practically, the 2GB RAM requirement means that Instagram UWP, Facebook UWP and Facebook Messenger UWP all require the use of a Lumia 930, 1520, 950, 950 XL, Elite x3 or Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro/4S. That model range does span most AAWP readers, but I still thought the new quoted requirement was of note.

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PS. Personally, I don't use ANY of these applications. Maybe it's just me. I'm not consciously trying to avoid the OSMeta-converted applications, it has just turned out this way. If I do want to look at something on Facebook, try SlimSocial, it's far faster!

Source / Credit: MSPU