Facebook Messenger UWP gets Group Mentions

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Facebook's UWP applications for Windows 10 (Facebook itself and Messenger) have attracted much criticism, chiefly due to them being built on the OSMeta middleware so that code from other platforms can be re-used - the upshot is slow start-up and (on slower phones) slower performance. They do work though, and - here - benefit from server-side upgrades, with Messenger here gaining 'group mentions'.

MSPU reported this as:

Facebook has added a new feature to its Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile today. The latest update brings a tiny new feature which will be helpful for those who are members of lots of crowded groups in Messenger. With today’s update, Facebook Messenger will now let you mention others in a group and notify them about a message even if they have the group muted. Moreover, when someone mentions you in a group and you have that group muted, you will also get notified by the Messenger app in Windows 10 Mobile.

Group mentions

The screenshot was from Windows Blog Italia, by the way.

It's server-side, so not a new update to the UWP app itself, but hey, it all helps.

See also my feature: Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger UWPs get higher RAM requirements, pointing out that 2GB of RAM is really required for best results.

It's possible that I've under-reported Facebook in general on AAWP, but it's just not a social service that I spend more than 10 minutes a month in. In fact, my main use for Facebook is as a throwaway account/ID that I can use to log into non-critical sites and services. Ahem...

What about you? Do you use Facebook and Facebook Messenger UWP applications under Windows 10 Mobile? Which phones do you run them on and how do you find it all, day to day?

Source / Credit: MSPU