Skype UWP *finally* gets both cameras the right way up!

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Microsoft has finally got round to not only fixing up the broken front camera support in Skype UWP (everything was upside down), which happened on the 13th Jan, but also now fixing up the upside down back camera - this got inverted when they fixed the front cam! Yes, unbelievable, I know, but anyway, it's all fixed now, with Skype UWP version 12.1803.279.0, which behaves impeccably.

As proof, here's the new version of Skype in action:


Note the small UI tweak too - Settings has been moved from the profile menu (top left, on your personal icon) to the '...' menu, top right. Which makes more sense. And - wonder of wonders - Microsoft has managed to get both cameras now showing the world the right way up. At the same flippin' time. Incredible.

Or maybe there should have been more QA in place before either of the broken versions were allowed out the door?

This is available to all production Windows 10 Mobile users through the Store. And yes, if you're on an Insiders ring then now is the time to 'Stop'.