App and game directories for mid-February 2018

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After a gap of almosta month, it's my latest (mid-February 2018) update for AAWP's directories of general applications (5 new entries), media, imaging and reading apps (6 new entries), and games (4 new entries). Your guide to the best of Microsoft's on-phone Store, every item has been reviewed - or recommended by readers here.

Note, as usual, that there are no explicit 'new' tags - everything that's been added has been highlighted in some form here on AAWP in an article, review or comment, so there won't be any new entries that surprise you. I'm concentrating simply on keeping the directories as 'current' as possible, as a service to our readers. So do shout if you find that an app or game has stopped working or has been removed from the Store.

Note: for those using the AAWP Universal application, the graphical panels here won't link through to the directories. This is because there's no need to, since the app and game directories are directly browsable, in hierarchical form (hint: tap on the category titles!) on the AAWP Universal app's hamburger menu. Have fun!

For each directory, click/tap on the graphical montages below:

General apps

Photo/Media apps


Plenty to get your teeth stuck into then. There are plenty of 'gaps' in the Windows phone ecosystem - mobile payments and store apps being the biggest that I can think of - when using Windows 10 Mobile 24/7, I find myself doing rather more in the Edge browser and HTML5 web sites than I'd really rather wish to. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing available for your old - or even your new - Windows-powered phone, as these directories hopefully prove.

Feel free to comment here (perhaps for general chat about the state of the app ecosystem) or in the comments threads on the individual directories (perhaps for specific extra suggestions or corrections for each).