The very best Photo and Media applications for WP and Windows 10 Mobile

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For long and complicated logistics reasons ('Rafe, I broke the site's CMS again!'), we've had to split our latest applications directory for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile into two, with a natural spin-off section being anything to do with imaging, camera, media and music/voice. The original applications directory excludes these categories. 

App sphere

This is a bookmarkable pair of pages of the top 1000 or so applications that should be a useful aide-memoire after a hard reset if rebuilding a phone from scratch or, perhaps more appropriately, a great place for a new Windows 10 Mobile user to start.

This is a companion page to this one, with all the general, news, reference and utility applications.

Some notes:

  • Thanks to the AAWP community for suggestions so far (e.g. in the comments below), this is a crowd-sourced project!
  • Not included (obviously) are games. They're here. Also not included are applications which come with every phone, such as the core Windows and Lumia apps.
  • Yes, I know that a couple of entries are in two categories. Just trying to be helpful!
  • Implemented as a table, I've kept the width right down, now with just two columns, in order to be phone-friendly. In other words, you can view this article on your phone and, depending on the link and the item, dive right into an app, its page and then download it. In theory!

I've broken down our recommendations into categories, to be helpful. No doubt things may get tweaked in time! Most applications will work equally well on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile, but there may be one or two small incompatibilities here and there. I've started marking Universal Windows Platform apps with 'UWP' after the title, but it'll take more updates of this feature before all universal applications are changed/marked, plus a 'UWP' annotation doesn't necessarily mean that there's no 8.1 version - often the same Store entry covers both versions and the right variant is served up, according to phone OS.

Directory updated 5th April 2017

Camera replacements

Camera replacements/aids

Music recording

Music/Speech recording/tuning


Music playback/streaming




Podcast related/Audio-book


Media (Video)



Video editing

 Video editing/sharing