Twitter PWA gets Microsoft translation and UI tweak

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Twitter's PWA application, in the Store and on the web, has been upgraded again, server-side. This happens every month (here's last month's) and a couple of changes have been noticed - the option to have a tweet auto-translated by Microsoft's APIs, plus the auto-appearance of a 'Reply' control rather than 'Compose' when viewing someone else's tweets in an expanded view. As usual, these PWA tweaks apply to the app in a browser on any desktop or - here - to the official Store application (a packaged PWA app) for Windows 10 Mobile.

Here's screenshot proof of the new Twitter PWA version:


Note that when Twitter notices that a tweet is in a language other than your own, it offers to 'Translate Tweet'. Tap this and the tweet is fired off to Microsoft Translate's APIs, returning almost instantly (around a second, the APIs are probably licensed and hosted on Twitter's servers?) with a translation attempt.

Notice also the bottom right UI control in the screenshots - it's to fire off a 'reply' rather than 'compose', the latter icon is of a feather and a '+' sign, implying scribbling something new. This is an obvious UI tweak and saves having to find and tap one of the much smaller reply controls in-line, should you just wish to reply to the thread generally and not to a specific existing reply.

You can grab or update the Twitter PWA-ified UWP client here in the Store. Enjoy night mode, enjoy the 280 character compatibility, enjoy the new Explore layout and functionality, but it's still not as slick or as fully featured as the commercial third party client, Tweetium UWP, which offers every feature under the sun, right up to push notifications, and which I've been recommending for the last couple of years.

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Source / Credit: HTNovo