Podcasted UWP gets curated directory plus auto-downloads

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Podcasted UWP is one of the Windows 10 (Mobile) podcatchers still getting frequent updates - and it's advanced two versions since our last story on it. In this update, auto-download is fully implemented, plus there's a nicely categorised podcast directory.

Here's the changelog for v1.5.0, since the last time we featured Podcasted here (for v1.3):

  • Discover podcast section
  • Option to hide preload podcast channels
  • Download management while downloading episodes
  • Manually check update button in-app
  • Skip forward and backward via system next/back button
  • Auto download
  • Change audio output, let you manually switch audio devices connected to your Phone/Xbox or PC. Like choose headphone from speaker or vice versa.
  • Auto Cleanup
  • Auto play queue. After playing an episode, the player will continue playing next episode which you haven’t played.
  • Unplay badge. Check each podcast unplay number when app launches.
  • Improved compact overlay / Car mode
  • Hide status bar
  • minor UI adjustment and bug fixes as usual. 

Here's the new version in action:


Some of the categories in the podcast directory and (right) browsing through podcasts in a category.


Signing up to a new podcast (just tap the 'star'/favourite control) and (right) browsing through the extensive settings - there's now full auto-download and clean-up!

You can grab Podcasted UWP here in the Store, the in-app-purchase is to remove the banner ads and some limitations and is £2. 

Some nice changes and Podcasted is getting close to the top of the podcatcher tree now - there will be a revamp to my podcatcher roundup as soon as Podcast Lounge's big new version is formall out.

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