Windows 10 Mobile Spotify options grow stronger with the newly updated Spotify WPW

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Never rains but it pours eh? No, I'm not talking about the UK's June weather (gah), but this update on top of the huge UK/world appearance of Spotimo UWP (in beta) yesterday. It appears that I dismissed 'Spotify Player (Web Wrapper)' UWP too easily in my May article - the browser warnings have now been excised and this works better than ever to bring Spotify streaming music to Windows 10 Mobile. It has a new official name too - 'Spotify WPW' (as in Web Player Wrapper). See below for the link and some screenshots.

I wrote up the Spotify on Windows story here a month ago and, of course, it needs updating in due coure (probably when Spotimo exits beta!) This Flow story is about today's update to the newly renamed 'Spotify WPW'', bringing (for v2.0.5:

  • Tweaks and fixes
  • Now works correctly under Anniversary Update
  • Removed warning about 'Unsupported browser'
  • Updated custom stylesheets in reaction to new web player layout
  • Podcast episode description is now rendered correctly

Amazing to see explicit support for AU, by the way - many developers now insist on 'Creators Update' (branch 1703) as a minimum.

Some explanatory screenshots.

Spotify WPW screenshot

This is the most important screenshot to understand for anyone wondering how Spotify WPW works - what you see here is the brief view of Spotify's browser-based Web Player (yes, along with that warning message), but within a second or so Spotify WPW transforms the returned HTML and CSS into its own mobile-friendly version, as seen below. It's the same Web Player, but.... yet it's not. Quite!

Spotify WPW screenshotSpotify WPW screenshot

There we go - pretty and modern, and all transformed on the fly by the very clever Spotify WPW! Here showing the main menu and (right) current UK Top 50!

Spotify WPW screenshotSpotify WPW screenshot

Playing something nice and ambient and (right) looking at the context menu in the current playlist.

Spotify WPW screenshotSpotify WPW screenshot

Some acoustic Springsteen and (right) examining the account/profile menu, which is where the app's own basic settings live. Still, light/dark modes, a transparent live tile, there's a lot to like.

You can grab this for free in the Store here. Comments welcome - how stable is Spotify WPW for you?