Winsta (Instagram) UWP gets support for new Instagram APIs, plus Windows Hello

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Winsta UWP, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows 10 Mobile, keeps getting better and better, for Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops. v1.7.0 is summarised below, adding Windows Hello support and also fitting in with the latest Instagram APIs.

Here's what's new, for v1.7.0, since the last time we featured Winsta UWP, back in May, with the main additions emboldened by me:

  • Added support for disappearing images
  • Added support for IGTV in main page and direct messages
  • Updated API version to Instagram v100
  • No more 'Go back and navigate again to see' messages will be seen after sending a photo to direct
  • Fixed a bug in loading new direct messages
  • Fixed a logout bug
  • Added delete conversation in direct messages
  • Added browse for files in adding story/feed
  • Fixed explore error
  • General improvements
  • Added support for passcode and Windows Hello
  • Fixed Explore clusters loading issue (except IGTV)

Winsta UWP is still running at a new sub-version a week, all very impressive and very active. Some screens of the new version in action: 


The settings hierarchy, showing the Winstapp settings split off from the generic Instagram ones - note the 'Lock method' section, with 'Windows Hello' now allowed.


The result is that casual access to your phone (e.g. a family member picking it up and having a nose through your Instagram feeds) is prevented by a Windows Hello challenge. Very cool. Though (right) if they don't get access then they won't be able to see that you're following Rafe or seeing his nice puffin shots!

Winsta UWP has a very active developer and there's an Insider user community here on Telegram. (Access the latter through Unigram UWP!)

As I stated before, Winsta UWP is highly recommended. There's a lot to like about Winsta's speed and UI, it's a breath of fresh air - you can directly encourage the developer by buying Winsta, since it's a couple of quid in the Microsoft Store. Go on, if you want to see this updated further, buy the developer a cup of coffee in this way...

Source / Credit: Microsoft