DeX hits PCs and Macs... but why?

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I covered the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ here, complete with Microsoft tie-ins. And I've waxed lyrical in the past about both Continuum and DeX as ways of extending Windows and Android phones to external monitors, running effectively desktop applications from the phone. And looking forward to the NexDock 2. But what about taking over all or part of an existing Desktop PC or Mac? That was functionality for Continuum which never really took off and now Samsung is trying the same idea with its latest DeX for the Note 10+.

For those who think that Continuum/DeX itself is already niche, then using this on an existing fully functional computer is a niche within a niche, I contend. The beauty of Continuum/DeX with a dumb dock/monitor etc was that the phone turns inactive hardware into something fully functional. But if said hardware is already fully functional then what - exactly - is the point?

"Look, I'm using Google Photos on my phone... on my laptop screen!!" "Err... why don't you just go to in your laptop's browser?" And so on.

Anyway, here's Samsung's pitch graphic, from their newest DeX pitch:

Samsung DeX

Dragging and dropping files between phones and computers is already easy, so I really don't think this latest DeX wheeze is as ground breaking as Samsung thinks it is. 

Still, I'm due to get a review Galaxy Note 10+ at some point, so I'll certainly try this mode. But, as you'll have gathered, I'm far more excited to review the NexDock 2!

Source / Credit: Samsung