The NexDock 2 (Continuum) lapdock is now six weeks away

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You'll have spotted that I've been keeping a close eye on the NexDock 2, a Continuum-compatible (hopefully) lapdock that should work with the Lumia 950, Elite x3 and IDOL 4 Pro from the Windows 10 Mobile world. Plus, of course, Samsung flagships in the Android world, which have a fully realised Desktop (DeX) mode. (Huawei too.) Anyway, I have it from the horse's mouth that all ordered NexDock 2 units will be shipped by the end of next month. I may even get a chance to review one sooner... watch this space.

From the guys at NexDock, by email yesterday:

"We are hoping to receive first pre-production samples in couple of weeks and if there are no issues with these samples we will continue the production to ship all NexDocks by end of September."

The 'Updates' page on the Kickstarter site has been neglected since 1st July, but a new textual update to this will be made "once we receive pre-production samples". At the same time, NexDock said "we'll ship some of the samples to bloggers for hands on reviews". Which will hopefully include me, though I do worry that preview hardware may be restricted to video bloggers in the USA, where NexDock is based (in California).

There's a login system for customers (and support forums) but I did note that there's no way to currently sign up - it's for existing customers and NexDock says it "will move all our backers' data to our back end when we are close to shipping".


Over 2000 people have backed the NexDock 2 so far (including me!), so it's definitely all systems go on the project. I paid $199 (plus shipping) as an early backer, but there are still slots available starting at $209 (again, plus $30 shipping worldwide), so knock yourself out.  but the early backer slots are all gone now. The status has changed to a simple 'pre-order' button, though only fractionally more expensive, at $229, etc.

Compared to the money HP wanted for its Lapdock for the Elite x3, over £500, if I remember right, in the UK, the NexDock 2 is priced far more competitively.


There's no mention of Windows 10 Mobile or Continuum on the product page for the NexDock 2, but based on my own experiments with USB Type C hubs, monitors, and so on, I'm 90% confident that you'll be able to plug in a Lumia 950 (or similar) and have the Windows 10 Continuum desktop appear without issue. The NexDock 2 does include media controls, and I'm guessing there might be minor issues there, but certainly nothing showstopping.

Plus the earlier, original NexDock, was explicitly Continuum compatible. Plus I've been chatting to the NexDock guys about using the '2' with Lumias and haven't had any negative responses so far (though I doubt they've actually tested it yet).

Why NexDock 2?

Or "Why would anyone need this, why not just take along a laptop?" If you have to ask this question then the accessory isn't for you. On the other hand, if your heart jumped when you saw the images here then the NexDock 2 could be the mobile missing link you've been looking for since Continuum was first debuted on the Lumias.

From my launch article:

The idea is to plug in via USB Type C and have the entire OS/UI extended to the lap dock screen (while the phone screen acts independently). No need for Bluetooth or wired mouse or keyboard, no need for a separate charger or power source. Just plug in and all your phone's apps and accounts and files are ready for big-screen use, all in a package no bigger than a typical Macbook.