Microsoft helps make the Galaxy Note 10 Plus a compelling business phone

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AAS/AAWP friend Matt Miller has been exploring the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, launched with a lot of Microsoft tie-in and a personal mini-keynote from Satya Nadella. He concludes that it's the best smartphone for someone all in on Microsoft services and even anyone missing Continuum from the Lumia flagships.

From Matt's article:

I believe the Note 10 Plus is the current best smartphone available and after spending another week with the device and exploring the deep Microsoft integration I am convinced its the best smartphone available for the enterprise user. The partnership with Microsoft for the Note 10 is so strong that reviewers were actually issued a Reviewer's Guide from Microsoft as part of the Note 10 Plus evaluation period.


I've detailed turning your Galaxy phone into your primary computer and even sold my iPad because I found DeX to be more capable of getting work done. When I first checked out the Note 10 Plus at a pre-briefing, I honestly didn't think much of the DeX for PC capability that lets you use DeX on a Windows PC or Mac computer because I didn't see why someone would need to use DeX when they have a full computer at their fingertips.

While there are some excellent use cases, such as using your Samsung phone as a guest on another computer, it wasn't until I connected the Note 10 Plus to my work computer that I understood that DeX for PC offered an ability to keep some separation between my work and personal lives. While in the office, the Note 10 Plus can serve as a personal device so then connecting it to my Surface Pro 6 used for engineering means I can keep a full DeX setup on one screen while my work PC is taking up the two external displays connected to that Surface Pro 6. I've actually been using DeX at work as a separate personal computer experience and then when away from work connecting and using the Note 10 Plus as my work computer on a simple large external display.

DeX for PC lets you use the keyboard and mouse on your PC in the DeX environment while supporting the ability to simple move the mouse between DeX and your native PC environment with ease. It's truly a fantastic setup and I can't believe it took me more than a week to test it out.


Readers may remember that I reviewed the Microsoft 'Your Phone' system recently, concluding that the software was immature, but it seems that 'Dex for PC' is more advanced. Hopefully the improvements will make their way back into the Store 'Your Phone' app in time, but in the short term the implementation on the Note 10 Plus seems the only easy way to get this.

Matt goes on to talk about Outlook and OneDrive and other Microsoft services, so do read the full (and linked) articles.

In fairness, there are some downsides to the Note 10 Plus over the existing Note 9, which I rated very highly, and which will again hopefully inherit the Note 10 Plus goodies in an update. I tweeted Matt last week:

At the time of writing this, Matt still hadn't made up his mind as to whether he was going to do the full upgrade from 9 to 10!

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