Winsta (Instagram) UWP mega-changelog

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Winsta UWP, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows 10, keeps getting better and better, for Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops. v2.2.0 is summarised below, it's a huge changelog. The odd crash notwithstanding (cough: video uploads), this is miles better than the old official OSmeta client from Facebook (Instagram).

Here's what's new, for v2.2.0, since the last time we featured Winsta UWP, back in November (for v2.0.2, i.e. all this is in just two months!):

  • Added view stories of a user in profile page
  • Add support for place stories
  • Added location search
  • Added location details
  • Added support to cancel friendship request
  • Added pending direct messages requests support
  • Fixed recent search results
  • Added add account and logout options to new settings view
  • You can see if someone following you in the user profile
  • Fixed a couple of unexpected crashes on Mobile and XBOX devices.
  • New settings view
  • Fixed follow button visibility on user's own account page
  • Added support for adding user tags in comments
  • Added support for adding hashtags in comments
  • Added support to delete your own comments (Swipe you comment to delete)
  • Fixed Public/Private account switching toggle in settings
  • Added add account and logout options to new settings view
  • You can see if someone following you in the user profile
  • Added search in the share dialog
  • Added support for tailed comments
  • Added category and city name to user profile
  • Improvements in live playback and post live playback
  • More smooth video play and better match in audio/video of lives
  • Added access to post lives from a user profile
  • Improvements to reply button on comments
  • Locked screen rotation on live / stories and highlights views
  • Handled an issue when user profile didn't open after changing username
  • Fixed an issue in showing next post live that previously cause a crash

And some token screenshots, by way of illustration, proving that image posting at least is now well and truly fixed:


To post, tap the + control bottom, centre; (right) pick an image from your phone and then crop as needed in the UI...


Add a caption and then tap on 'Upload' and you're done; (right) a separate mechanism is used for uploading, but this does mean that it can work 'in the background', which might be useful for videos (once these work too!)


The upload is done!; (right) looking at my profile, I can see my successful uploads...


The new style Settings top level menu, some of which resolve to Instagram native panes, some of which (as here, right) are Winsta-centric...

Interestingly, I still had issues uploading videos from Windows 10 Mobile, but I reported it and I'd encourage you to report issues too... Winsta UWP has a very active developer and there's an Insider user community here on Telegram. (Access the latter through Unigram UWP!)

As I stated before, Winsta UWP is still highly recommended. There's a lot to like about Winsta's speed and UI, it's a breath of fresh air - you can directly encourage the developer by buying Winsta, since it's a couple of quid in the Microsoft Store. Go on, if you want to see this updated further, buy the developer a cup of coffee in this way...

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