Community support going forwards, via Telegram?

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As mentioned several times by readers in comments here on AAWP, there's now a (external to Microsoft) support forum/group on Telegram. You may remember that with Whatsapp no longer being supported on Windows 10 Mobile, Telegram is the best multi-person chat application, and there's also an excellent (though perhaps stagnant?) UWP client in Unigram. Well, someone has set up a Telegram self-support group for 'Windows 10 Mobile' and it's prospering, with 500 members and rising.


Now, obvious caveats apply here:

  • it's not official and no Microsoft staff are there
  • 500 members isn't a huge community (though admittedly these are all enthusiasts, so fairly active)
  • Unigram itself may not be getting further updates, so there's a risk that Telegram API changes later in 2020 may break access to the forum on Windows 10 Mobile (which would be ironic)

But it's still worth noting. If you have a tricky W10M question that can't be solved with a trawl through AAWP or other existing content online then try asking in this Telegram group instead. You can find it Unigram/Telegram by searching for the string "Windows 10 Mobile".

Note that there are also several Facebook support groups, if you happen to use this social network, but I couldn't find one that was anywhere near as active as the Telegram group. But your recommendations welcome here!