'Your Phone' to get PC/phone copy/paste?

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Microsoft Your Phone (reviewed here by me) is an ever-evolving system for integrating Windows and Android phones, both wired and wirelessly. It's Microsoft's best attempt to paper over the gaping holes left by them abandoning Windows 10 Mobile, of course, but it works with enough phones now that it's a valid approach for many. It's still a kludge, but it's a kludge with ever more features. Evidenced here by Windows Latest reporting on an upcoming cross-device copy/paste system.

From Windows Latest:

Windows 10’s Your Phone app is Microsoft’s latest attempt to bridge the gap between PCs and Android devices. Previously, Microsoft tried to bridge the gap between the two form factors by projecting Windows 10 Mobile OS and apps onto desktops, but Microsoft has gone the other way with Your Phone app.

Windows 10’s Your Phone app currently allows users to reply to traditional text messages, access phone’s camera roll directly on the desktop, mirror the phone’s screen onto your monitor, and also make calls via the PC.

Microsoft is now working on the next big feature for Windows 10 that could further integrate both operating systems.

The latest build of Microsoft Your Phone app revealed multiple mentions of a new Content Transfer feature. References to ‘SharedContentPhotos,’ ‘ContentTransferCopyPaste’, and ‘ContentTransferDragDrop’ were spotted in the codebase.

We were able to enable the Content Transfer option in Your Phone app with a hack, but the feature doesn’t seem to work yet.


It's not clear yet how sophisticated the system will be - at one end just simple text, but at the other, objects such as files and media, with 'rich' text somewhere in the middle. 

Note that there are many third party copy/paste systems for both Windows 10 Mobile and Android, all using the Cloud/OneDrive/similar to some extent, but it's always good to have this sort of thing from the makers of (in this case) at least one of your operating systems.

Options, options.

Note that I'll be re-reviewing Your Phone in a few months, since it will then have double the number of working functions as per my original review.

Source / Credit: Windows Latest