Continuum evolves further: LG adds Desktop mode to its flagships

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You'll have seen my review of the NexDock 2, the first premium commercial lapdock? This works with anything that conforms to USB standards, including Windows 10 Mobile, so the Lumia 950, Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, HP Elite x3 etc. But moreover, Continuum lives on away from Windows, with the desktop modes introduced by Samsung (DeX), Huawei (Easy Projection) and now... LG, which has introduced a brand new Desktop mode to its flagships with a system update. These Android-based systems are actually more capable than Windows Continuum because they're multi-window-capable. As you'll see from the video clip featured below.

In this case, the new Desktop mode was noticed by Juan Carlos Bagnell and features in his latest Twitch video podcast, hopefully cued to start at the relevant 14 minute segment below:

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As you'll see, Continuum gets multiple name checks, plus he also talks about the NexDock 2 and the Choetech hub, so there's plenty of common ground with recent AAWP coverage.

I tell you, both 'desktop modes' and lapdocks are a significant part of our computing future. But your comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Twitch