Surface Duo 'demonstrated' in context...

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Microsoft has released its Preview SDK for the Surface Duo ('Surface Phone'), due for availability in Q4 2020, so that developers can get their Android applications working optimally on the form factor. And, naturally, we have fellow Brit Zac Bowden doing a video of the SDK in action - and then designed Jonas Daehnert laying this video into a realistic render of the Surface Duo itself. See the video embeds from Twitter below.

(Note that the videos are silent)

All very impressive - even if it's all taking so long to actually appear in the real world (we'll be on Android 11 by the time this appears) - and it shows how there's emphasis on a two-screened, two-paned approach, rather than the 'one screen with bezel in the middle' approach taken by the original ZTE Axon M or the 'folding large screen with creases' approach taken by the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Of course, this same hardware released two years ago with Windows 10 Mobile and UWP apps/Continuum was what most of us had wanted released and which subsequently got cancelled, but hey, at least the concept remains. And will have the latest apps and services thanks to the success of Android.

You can grab the SDK yourself, to play with it on your Windows PC here. (A Mac OS version is planned.)

PS. Note that there's tie-in here to the next-gen Microsoft Launcher, which you can try out right now on any Android phone.

PPS. Zac has now published a full video walkthrough, so I've embedded that below too!